In pursuit of all.


As OVERACHIEVING entrepreneurs, slowing down has never been in our vocabulary.

When we arrived in our 30’s, we were busier than ever. The game of life had changed, but our drinking game was stuck somewhere between college and the Tinder dating scene.

Crazy hours, hectic schedules, and Daddy Duty/Adulting had us working a lot harder to stay on top of everything—all while trying to have some fun (and squeeze in a workout) along the way. We still wanted to enjoy a few beers, we just didn’t want the hangovers or Dad bods. But when we started looking for beer alternatives, we couldn’t find one good enough to replace the real thing.

All those office La Croixs and carb-heavy non-alcoholic beers just weren’t cutting it. We felt lame showing up to the BBQ with a sleeve of seltzer or a six pack of good-from-far-but-far-from-good Near Beer. We wanted something on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday night after a long day that was delicious and fun without any calories or next-morning brain fuzz. When we couldn’t find the right product for us, we decided it was time to make a healthy, non-alcoholic beverage we could look forward to.

And that, our furry friends, is how HOP WTR was born. HOP WTR features big bubbles, boastful citrus aromas, resinous pine, huge notes of citrus, hints of stonefruit, dank resin, and hoppy bitterness on the finish. HOP WTR isn’t trying to be your favorite IPA, but if you squint with your tongue, you’ll taste echoes of it in there. We wanted the Healthy Alternative to Beer, we couldn’t find it, so we went and made it.

We’re entrepreneurs and we love building stuff, putting it into the world, and hopefully making people happier. We hope you give our brews a shot, and we can’t wait to hear what you think!

HOP WTR Founding Team