Hi! We’re HOP WTR.

We made our brew good for the crew so that no one has to choose between having fun or missing out.

With no alcohol, calories, carbs, or sugar , HOP WTR is a way to unwind and relax without booze.

Crack open a cold one whenever, wherever, without hesitation to cheers wins big and small.

We wanted the healthy alternative to beer, we couldn’t find it, and so, we went and made it.

Our brew changed the game

When we arrived in our 30s, we were busier than ever. Crazy hours, dad duty, and adulting had us working a lot harder to stay on top of everything, all while trying to have some fun.

We still craved a cold beer after a long day, but knew we couldn’t keep up if we had to contend with hangovers or feeling weighed down. What could we crack open on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday that hits the spot and helps us unwind and relax — without the next-day brain fuzz or empty calories?

We had no answer ... until we served up HOP WTR: a proudly hopped, hydrating brew bursting with benefits and purposefully crafted without alcohol, calories, or sugar.

We live life to the fullest thanks to HOP WTR. We sip on it and can still aim high, take action, and feel present doing whatever we do: taking in a view on a hike, toasting to another year around the sun, nailing a work presentation, enjoying every moment of a family meal.

Raise a can or two with us, won’t ya?