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Can of HOP WTR Classic

Meet the Healthy alternative to beer

A calorie-free, hop-filled sparkling water brewed with adaptogens and nootropics for a more balanced buzz, without the booze.

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  • NO Calories

  • NO Alcohol

  • NO Sugar

  • NO Gluten

  • NO Stress

  • NO Hangovers


  • NO BULL $#!&

What is HOP WTR?


To remind you of your favorite IPA

Big Bubbles

Satisfyingly crisp

Adaptogens and Nootropics

Goodbye stress, hello buzz

It starts with two simple ingredients: hops and water. We infuse big-bubbled sparkling water with a blend of Columbus and Centennial dry hops for a citrus-forward, earthy flavor to remind you of your favorite IPA. Then we top it off with our proprietary stack of stress-reducing adaptogens and nootropics to take you from stressed to decompressed, without a drop of alcohol.

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A fresh, smooth homage to your favorite IPA.

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Like a surf trip to Costa Rica in your mouth.

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Blood Orange

A romp through the Spanish countryside meets a bearded brewmaster from Bend.

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