Dustin Poirier

My 5 favorite things about HOP WTR

Dustin Poirier

My 5 Favorite Things About HOP WTR 

With no alcohol and no empty calories, it's the perfect option to help me stay on track while I’m training

It’s healthy, but you can’t taste the health! It has the hoppy flavor of beer without any of the bad stuff, plus added ashwagandha and L-Theanine

I love the variety of flavors - Mango is definitely my favorite. Classic is a close second.

Cheers to saying

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Juicy, tropical, hoppy

You can crack a HOP WTR anytime - it’s perfect for Sunday BBQ-ing or while I’m unwinding in the evening

Helps me stay focused and be fully present, so I can be my best self as a dad and a fighter

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