SUMMER STATE: Summer’s not just a season. It’s a state of mind.

September 27, 2022


HOP WTR was dreamed up so drinkers don’t have to choose between having fun or missing out whenever a craving for hops hits. Now that our non-alcoholic sparkling brew is real — and moving fast from a cult-favorite to mainstream must-sip — we thought: why would we stop there? Why can’t we make more healthy ways to hops?

Thanks to support from you, our brew crew, and from the industry momentum we’ve picked up, we can do more. But we knew we really wouldn’t be able to push our limits unless we lived where we live in Southern California, with its carefree, dream-chasing mentality that makes it feel like anything can happen.

So, with that optimistic and adventurous SoCal spirit, we want to welcome you to SUMMER STATE, a new non-alcoholic beverage brand inspired by the spirit of endless SoCal summers. At SUMMER STATE, we’re here to help you make bold moves that bring out your best, so you can do the most wherever you adventure.

Our journey started with HOP WTR, a sparkling water flavored with hops and bursting with stress-busting benefits from adaptogens and nootropics. We took it a step further and integrated all-natural fruit flavors that work seamlessly with hops to deliver a one-of-a-kind drinking experience. Whether it be sun-kissed Italian blood oranges, deliciously tart Mexican limes, or sweet, juicy peaches - the pairings are bold and unexpectedly refreshing. And we’re just getting started.

When you’re in a SUMMER STATE, you can soak up every minute without worrying about being held back or distracted from your goals. You won’t waste a day. You’ll toast to all its possibilities. It’s the exact feeling we want drinkers to get when they crack open one of our brews.

It’s our mission to redefine drinking culture as something that everyone can enjoy. And now, with this expansion, we can truly deliver on that.

Make a bold move: sip yourself into a SUMMER STATE.

Jordan Bass & Nick Taranto
SUMMER STATE co-founders