Liquid courage is so 2022

February 7, 2023

Liquid courage is so 2022. But it’s not just us who think so. A relationship revolution is happening—one that doesn’t count on using alcohol to get to know someone. Welcome to the world of dry dating.

According to the dating app Bumble, “dry dating,” aka going on alcohol-free dates, became an official trend in the last year. This year, it’s gonna take off:

  • 75% of global Hinge singles say going to get drinks is no longer their preferred first date activity.
  • 62% of Bumble users believe they’d “form a more genuine connection” on an alcohol-free date.
  • 54% of Bumble users said they’re aiming to be more “mindful and intentional” about how they date, including going on alcohol-free dates.

But so does—gestures wildly—everyone else, right? It doesn’t matter if you’re having a fling or in an LTR, you’re a dog mom or a baby daddy, or you’re happily single and social or you’re coupled up and hunkering down. No matter your status, more and more of us are intrigued by interactions where booze isn’t a third wheel *cracks open a HOP WTR*.

If you’re curious about dry-dating or living a damp lifestyle, we have good news: it seems like those who’ve tried it like it. Really.

Singles reported to The Social Collective that dry dating resulted in less pressure to get physical during dates, better conversations, greater trust, and an increased likelihood in second and third dates.

Sounds dreamy. But how do you just *not* drink on a date? Here are some hacks to move past the hang-ups: 

  • Tell judgy people they suck. No one has time for snarky comments or gawking at lifestyle choices.
  • Prepare to feel your feels. Without booze to make things fuzzy, butterflies might feel intense—or not show up at all. 
  • Embrace the awkward. You’re not alone! You and your date are in this together. 
  • Swap the bar for a coffee shop. Why toy with temptation at first? 
  • Get outside. Go for a walk, plan a picnic, take a hike, watch the sunset (how romantic!).
  • Toast with mocktails. Fun, fancy drinks still exist. Host a DIY dry bar. Too much? Grab a can of HOP WTR.

We created HOP WTR so that no one has to choose between having fun or missing out. And this global culture shift shows that we don’t need alcohol to send that flirty text, go on that first awkward hang, or hook up when it feels right. That’s why this month, during Relationship Wellness Month, we’re calling on folks to #DumpTheDependence.

Just remember, if you choose to be our ride or dry, you’re not alone: dating service Plenty of Fish surveyed 2,000 single adults in the UK, and found that 83% said they’d be “open” to trying a “dry date”.

So, who knows? When booze isn’t messing with your evening, the roses might smell sweeter. The chocolate might taste richer. And the, ahem, might be outta this world.